Land & Sea

Juicy steaks ready to be thrown over an open flame and fresh lobsters ready to be soaked in butter. Our land and sea section has all the protein you need to complete your mouth-watering meal.  Our skilled butchers can help you select the best cut for your meal, trim excess fat and even marinate it to perfection.

If you’re looking for a taste of the sea, you’ve come to the right place. Seafood is at its best when it’s fresh. That’s why we work as fast as we can to filet our fish and get it to the selves as quickly as possible. It’s almost like you’ve caught it yourself!

Dry aged beef is the perfect fusion of flavor and tenderness.  Dry aging enhances the beefs natural flavor, all while making irresistibly tender.

Dry Aged Beef

Specialty Chicken

We love our chicken and we know you will too! Starting with the freshest cuts of chicken, we use our best herbs and spices to create fantastic flavors.

Local Seafood

Straight from the sea to your plate, we source our seafood from local fishermen so you know you’re not getting any antibiotics or added hormones.

plant based

We carry a wide selection of plant based meat alternatives like Beyond Meats, TMRW Foods, Modern Meats, Very Good Butcher, and more

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