First Time Placing An Order Online?

Follow our step by step guide to placing an order for delivery or pickup.

Questions About Online Shopping

Do you have a question about online shopping? Here are a few of our most common questions.

If you still have questions or concerns, please use the link at the bottom of this page to get in touch.

Most Commonly Asked

What actions are you taking for COVID19?

In addition to the steps that we have taken instore, we have also taken steps to keep our delivery drivers and Express customers safe. Our drivers will arrive for delivery wearing a mask and will either call, knock, or ring the doorbell when they arrive. They will then unload the order at your door while maintaining social distance. We ask that you wait until our drivers have unloaded your order before starting to collect it.

For the most up to date information on the steps we are taking, please visit our COVID19 page.  

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How Can I Edit the Items on My Order?

You can make edits to your order until 3:00 pm the day before your delivery date. If your additions exceed the pre-authorized amount another pre-authorization will be made, so you may see two or more pending charges depending on how many times you make edits and additions to your order.

Please click below for our “How to edit an order guide”.

How to Edit An Order

Can I change my delivery or pickup date or time after I’ve ordered?

To change a delivery date or pickup date, please call 604-630-3154 or e-mail before 5:00 p.m. Generally, we can adjust delivery to another day or time (subject to current order volumes) when we deliver to your area.

What if there are no timeslots available?

This means we have reached our maximum capacity for orders for the given day. The only option would be to check the following morning for new timeslots. Currently, new timeslots open at 7:00 a.m. however this is subject to change without notice. 

I'm Getting An Error on The Delivery Page

This is caused by no delivery dates or times being available, please check back tomorrow.

Can I use my loyalty card online?

Unfortunately, our loyalty cards only work for in store purchases at this time.

Online Payment & Fees

What does delivery cost?

We charge $10.99 for delivery to Vancouver, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, and north Burnaby. For deliveries to Bowen Island and Lion’s Bay, the delivery fee is $14.99. There is an order minimum of $50 before taxes, deposits, and delivery fees for all orders.

What does pickup cost?
We charge $4.99 for our pickup service with an order minimum of $50 before taxes, deposits and pickup fee.
What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, and American Express) and some Visa debit cards will work as well.  Unfortunately, we do not accept payment by cash, debit, or cheques for our online shopping service.

Why is there only an estimated total?
Because there can be variances with weighed items or a product might be substituted, your order total is an estimated cost. When you order we preauthorize your credit card for the estimated total of your cart plus 20% to allow for such possible adjustments on the order. This also allows for you to add an item or two to the order in case you’ve forgotten something.
The final charge to your credit card will occur the day of delivery, and will only be for goods actually received.
Every effort is made by your personal shopper to get weighed items as close to the ordered amount as possible.
Can I use my Gift Cards online?

Unfortunately, our gift cards will only work for in store purchases at this point in time.

Managing My Account

Can I register several delivery addresses?

At this time your profile will only store 1 primary delivery address. You can choose to enter a different delivery address during the checkout process.

When is my credit card charged?

You will see a preauthorization on your credit card for the estimated total on the day the order is placed.

The final charge to your credit card will occur on the day of delivery and will only be for goods actually received.
Every effort is made by your personal shopper to get weighed items as close to the ordered amount as possible.

Which Areas Do You Deliver?

We deliver to Vancouver, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, north Burnaby, Bowen Island, and Lion’s Bay.
Please click here for our full schedule and map of our service areas 

How will I know what items were substituted?

Substituted and added items are shown in the section labeled “Substituted/Added Items”. Items that were not available at the time your order was shopped will appear in the “Items not Available” section. You are not charged for any items showing as not available on your invoice.

Most Commonly Asked

What if my order is late?

We make every effort to ensure we get your delivery to you within the timeslot you have selected. However, there may be times where your order may be a bit late due to unforeseen circumstances. In this event, we will call to let you know that your order has been delayed. 

What is a Swap or Weight Buffer?

We add a 20% “buffer” to the pre-authorization on your card which allows you to easily add a few items to your order after it’s submitted or, with your permission, we will substitute items for products that are not available at the time your order is shopped.

This is not a fee; in the end, you will only be billed for the items you have received.

Where do I schedule my delivery/pickup?
What if I have forgotten my password?

On the sign in page, there is a link to ‘reset your password’. Enter your e-mail address or user name for your account and then click ‘Password Reset’. You will then receive an e-mail with a link to reset your password. If you haven’t received the e-mail after 15 minutes, please check your junk or spam folders, sometimes these are flagged as junk mail.

You can also click here to go to that page.

Click here for the how to guide.

I've been charged twice, what do I do?

You may see two ‘pending’ charges on your card, however, you will only be charged once. Our system is similar to paying at the pump for gas – the system authorizes for a certain amount; however, you are only charged for what you use. In this case, your card will preauthorize for the original, estimated total of your order. Once your order is processed and finalized in store your card will be charged for what is packaged and delivered to you and the pre-authorization will be removed.

It can take up to 10 days for banks to release the preauthorization on a card, so both charges may appear simultaneously. Unfortunately, we have no control over when a bank releases the funds back to a card. If you receive your monthly statement and there are still two charges showing for a single order, please send us an e-mail and we will investigate.

How Can I tell if my order went through?

You will be taken from the Checkout page to the Order Summary page that will show you a summary of your order before it is shopped. You can also go to the “Order History” page where can view all current and pending orders. If your order is not visible on this page it means the checkout process was not completed. Please check your shopping cart and try placing the order again.

Pick Up Orders

Can I pickup from your Dunbar Store?
Yes! We now offer pickups from our Dunbar store. Please see our Express website for available dates.
Dunbar: When & Where do I pick up my order?

Orders can be collected at the Dunbar Street level Café entrance between 9 a.m. & 11 a.m. and 3p.m. & 5 p.m. daily. If you are parking underground, please take the elevator up to the Cafe level. There is a buzzer to the left of the Cafe entrance, please ring the buzzer and one of our team members will retrieve your order for you. If you are parking at street level, proceed to the Cafe entrance and ring the buzzer.

Dunbar: How to collect your order:

Please ring the buzzer at the Café entrance. Please provide the name on your order to our team member when they arrive. They will then retrieve your order for you. We will have shopping carts on hand for any customers that need them to transport their order to their vehicle.

North Van: When & Where do I pick up my order?

Pick-up is scheduled between 10:00 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. daily. We ask that customers arrive at pick-up orders during this window only as we do not have team members scheduled to man this station outside of these hours.

North Van: How to collect your order:

Please park in one of the 3 reserved stalls directly south of the Café and call 604-630-3154. Please provide the team member with the order name and stall #. We will bring your order out to your vehicle. We ask that you open and close the trunk/doors on your vehicle to help minimize shared contact.

Placing & Editing An Order

Is there a minimum order amount?

Yes, our current minimum order amount if $50 before taxes, fees, and delivery or pick-up charges.

What if I’m not satisfied with a product?

Your complete satisfaction is our number one goal. If for any reason you are dissatisfied with any product on your order, please call or e-mail our Express Department team at or 604-630-3154 and we will be happy to assist you. Credit for returned items will be applied to your account.

Are the same products available online and in-store?

Although the majority of the products available online are available in-store, we cannot guarantee that because a product is online, that it will be available at either of our retail locations. There are also some products available in-store that are not available online.

How do I save my cart?

You don’t have to worry about that! If you are signed into your account, your cart will automatically be saved for you.

How do I cancel my order?
  1. Click on your user name in the upper right corner
  2. Select Order History
  3. There you will have the option to cancel a pending order.

    If the option to cancel the order is no longer available please contact us at or 604-630-3154.

Misc Questions

Do your drivers accept tips?

We appreciated the gesture but our drivers do not accept tips. If you would like to share a wonderful experience and recognize one of our team members for excellent service, please send us an e-mail at or use the “Contact Us” feature on our website.

Where can I find the items from the flyer?
If you click on the ’Specials’ page, it will show you all the items on sale this week including the items from the flyer.
Are the prices online the same as in-store?

Although most of our online prices are often the price you see in the store, we cannot guarantee they will be the same.

What if an item on my order is not available?

We do our best to fulfill every order but it is not possible for us to call each customer to let them know which items are not available. Typically, we contact customers if we are unable to fulfill 30% or more of the order.

If you have permitted substitutions for an item, we will do our best to find a comparable product in both type, size, and value.  We also encourage customers to leave notes wherever possible to indicate their preferences so we can do our best to meet your expectations.

For All Other questions and concerns

Please note that at this time we are receiving record numbers of requests and we may not be able to answer your question for 48-72 hours.