Jaan Foods


I’m Parma Virk, founder, and CEO of Jaan Foods. I’ve been a Chef for over 10 years and worked in restaurants all over Europe and Canada. I have worked for some high-profile chefs like Jamie Oliver. Food has always been my life and passion. I wanted to be more health conscious and focus on reducing my carbon footprint with my diet, so I started eating more plant-based meals. When I saw some of the alternatives, I noticed how overly processed a lot of the products were on the market. So, my chef brain kicked in and Jaan Foods was born. I began the business by thinking back to my childhood memories of food. I took a family recipe for butter chicken and thought, “could I make a sauce as good as that without the butter and cream…?” It turned out I could. 100% Plant based, Butterless and Chickenless, BC Sauce was born.

Parma Virk

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