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With a background in Architecture/Interiors, art and design, and obsessive passions in cooking/entertaining (making and sharing the food), gardening (growing the food), antiquing (dishes to hold the food), product design (including making objects that hold the food) and travel (to eat more of the food LOL) it struck me – the Home Kitchen. That’s my jam. OH – and JAM! I do also sometimes make jam…

Alison Kent

Refreshing Sangria Mocktail


Fresh, Local Pressed Juice
A great juice will be full of various fruits & veg, giving it lots of flavour!
Add the juice of 1-2 Blood Oranges

Sparkling Lemonade
Add a bit of Sparkle with your favorite carbonated Lemonade

Fresh, Local Fruits
What’s in Season?!
Pair the fresh, local fruit – or frozen from fresh – with the flavors in your pressed juice, like Strawberries & Rhubarb with this sweet Beet Juice


Mix, add ice, top with Mint, & Serve!

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