Vietnamese Style Chicken Wings


Chicken Wings

Cilantro and Lime Wedges for Garnish


Fresh Lime juice, Lime Wedges for Serving

Minced Garlic

FINELY chopped Lemongrass

Soy Sauce & Fish Sauce (2:1 ratio)

Vegetable Oil

Palm Sugar

Cilantro STEMS (keep tops for garnish!)



Mix the Sauce ingredients thoroughly to emulsify the oil with the rest of the liquid.

Save half the Sauce aside, and marinade the Wings with the remainder of the sauce for a few hours to overnight in the Fridge.


Place the marinated Wings on a sheet pan (on parchment or silpat) and bake at 350d for 20 minutes.


Remove the cooked Wings and serve with the remainder of the Sauce for dipping, along with fresh cut Cilantro tops and Lime wedges.


Like a bit of a kick?! Try adding some Red Chili to the Sauce.

TIP > Taste the Sauce before adding the Chicken – if it can handle a bit more Palm Sugar, it will also help for browning the Wings nicely.

Vietnamese Style Wings are perfect when paired with quick Pickled Vegetables or a spicy  Cucumber Salad!Loving this? Follow Stong’s Market on Instagram or visit their Greater Vancouver locations.