Stong’s believes in being a good neighbour. Our support of local communities and charities dates back to the first store opened by Carson Stong in 1931.

Mr. Stong’s generosity and leadership have served as the foundation of Stong’s commitment to the community. That involvement has earned us a reputation of being more than just the local grocer. When you buy online with Stong’s you can choose a local school and we will donate 4% of your order to your school of choice.

Online Rebate Program

For all parents/faculty that spend money online at, Stong’s Market will monitor monthly sales and rebate back to the PAC, 4% of the monthly total gross sales. The more parents that participate, the higher the revenue will be generated for the school. I.e. For every $1000 spent, $40 will be donated to the PAC.

Stong’s Market is providing an exciting opportunity for parents to raise money for their children’s school through their weekly grocery purchases.

We at Stong’s feel confident that this is an excellent opportunity to raise “much needed” funds for the school and ultimately our children.